The Elder Scrolls Online series spans hundreds of years of history and takes place in many different areas of Tamriel. Elder Scrolls Online updated most of the previously explored areas, but it also added new areas that were previously only mentioned in the game book or in the dialogue with NPCs, without its own main title. But the way players get Elder Scrolls Online Gold is the same.

Tamriel has an incredibly diverse landscape, and each region deserves its own legend. Some areas of Tamriel have been spent in the spotlight of the mainline game, but have not yet been explored in Elder Scrolls Online. Solstheim Island is a typical example, as it appears in both Elder Scrolls Online V and Elder Scrolls Online III.

Summerset Isles is one of the areas that can be explored in Elder Scrolls Online but does not have its own dedicated game, although many people speculate that this may be the background of Elder Scrolls VI. These islands are home to Altmer or high elves, who openly brag about the beauty of their islands. These islands are indeed very spectacular, with fascinating rock formations everywhere, especially along the coastline. The trees that grow on the Summer Sunset Islands usually have pink, red, orange or even purple leaves, creating a pleasant autumn atmosphere. The most interesting creature players can find here is probably the elusive indrik, which is similar to a deer with crystal antlers and feathered torso, capable of using elemental attacks when it feels threatened.

Perhaps the least known area of Tamriel, Elsweyr was not included in the basic version of Elder Scrolls Online, but was eventually added to two separate DLC packages. Elsweyr is the home of Khajiit and is divided into two different areas, Northern Elsweyr and Southern Elsweyr. This area has a deep history suitable for the main Elder Scrolls Online title; including the formation and destruction of sixteen different kingdoms, plagues and rebellions. At the same time, remind players that they can buy some ESO Gold before the game starts.