BioWare Montreal (now EA Motive) fucked up Volume Effect. Edmonton and Austin didn't get their hands on it until it was far too late. Anthem was a wreck... but it's a better at having an Iron Man simulator than Iron Man at that Avengers micro-transaction vessel. A trendy realization I came to is, over the last twenty decades, I moved from buying every Madden, NHL, FIFA, and (until 2005) MVP Baseball game annually (and other EA titles, such as NBA Live several years) to just the NHL and FIFA collection, then just to FIFA, and Madden 21 coins now for the past couple years, nothing. Perhaps I'm an outlier, however, EA has literally pissed away everything good they had to have in their sports matches and dropped me as a client & participant. I played some FiFA18/PS4 I think using a friend after a long time, and the controls where clunky and dumb. He had an older version of PES, that was so much more"fun" to play, the"flow" was close instant.

However he went on, that PES hasn't all the players of his fav teams etc.I realized that he was probably the target audience to get a fair match with current licensing. He was not much interested in details of match play. I tried some Madden on PS4 and I did not get all the menus, choices and despised each of the microtransactions traps. It wasn't an enjoyable experience at all. The problem is that Konami made some godawful variations of PES throughout the PS360. That was completely Bioware's fault, not EA. Even worst and the fact they rebooted development many occasions and in the end, actual work is only 1 year old right? Fuck that, there's plenty of  cheap Mut 21 coins individuals who enjoys sports which aren't braindead that deserve a good sports sim game. Even for how shit Madden and Fifa are they can be fun matches. Just imagine how great it'd be if we really got a good sports sim.