The stunning visuals and a fast-paced game, Lineage 2M Diamonds is high on everyone's list of the most anticipated mobile games coming out at the end in the calendar year. Lineage2M is slated to launch in the coming days.

Lineage game is scheduled to be released on PC as well as mobile on the 2nd of December therefore, with the launch date getting closer and the pre-download just one week away, here are a few reasons why you should get ready to test NCSOFT's exciting new game.

Based on the first Lineage 2 release on PC, Lineage2M is set to pack a powerful backend that allows players to experience the best features mobile can provide, with stunning graphics and seamless loading times. No matter where the player chooses to explore, all of the wonders of Aden will be open for you to explore, free of annoying delays or slowdowns.

Perhaps most importantly, Lineage2M will allow over 10,000 players to participate in one epic 3D battle at one time - and all without lags or delays to disrupt your experience.Battles that are action-packed across an open world.

Have you ever thought about taking an excursion through one of the most magnificent commercial cities or bask in the beauty of its breathtaking agricultural zones? In whatever part of Aden you choose to cheapest Lineage 2M Diamonds explore, you'll always encounter extraordinary experiences, beautiful scenery and, of course, enemies in Lineage2M's sprawling open world.