Fractite 2h or rapier if I'm able to use? I amm using a kratonite Rapier due to OSRS Gold the fact that Tcmp created me one. Pianist said that. How long would 40/40/40 , with 50 range/mage for me? Aproximately 30/40 hrs in total. Do you believe that? How long would each of the F2P quests be if I did all of them except for Shield of Arrav, Dragon Slayer, and Prince Ali Resuce?

I prefer to keep str 10 levels above att/def. Range=Max it can go without the level. Mage=1 level lower than range. Would you guys agree? I'd like to have 60 wc. I will just wc the highest quality log I can. If I decide to sale the logs I have up to 60? Or should I FM them? Should I be training in hills or in fleshies? More fleshies will give you more xp but hillys give prayer xp. Anyone want to tell me where I can train after 40/40/40? Tcmp did not provide any information.

I was able to hit 300K last week. If my merchandising is successful I'll be able to reach the 1M mark by this weekend. The speed of merchandising should increase. Name Changed. Thank you! Here I go to make the process short. This weekend, I will be on for around 7 hours because I have an PD day scheduled for Friday... Do I dung for seven hours? Or camp at the hillys? Do I want to camp at fleshies or hillys for the points? I'll do either.

To dung, I would like to purchase a g2h, longbow sight, as well as a twisted birdskull necklace. Do I need to do anything? Happy? I'll place the bones in the hills and will only leave to the roots that are limp and bank them to verify G.E. Simple. Simple... do I hurry floors or complete all rooms? Do I work as a team or solo?

If you're thinking of ring classes simply search them out on Cheap RuneScape Gold the Wikipedia. The classes that are most useful are the melee classes. After frozen floors comes the first floor that is abandoned.