With the current price drop of Bandos, it is within my price range. Is it pretty stable with Buy OSRS Gold the current prices or should I take a different look at it? In terms of range, is a shortbow the best choice? Are crossbows no longer useful or even wanted?

Do you suggest getting different type of weapons? In the moment I'm playing with dual-wield Dscims from last time I played on this account. Should I also get smash and stab weapons? If so, what advice would you suggest. If Whips is still popular?

In addition, is god staff in general, the best right now? Should I bother adjusting to the magical weakness of moster (earth water, fire, air)? Are prayer potions worth the effort/money these days, considering the nerf to protect against prayers?

In the beginning, a little general information: I've heard told Dragonrider purchases at a half ge cost... but go for Bandos regardless. It's a steal at the moment. (~6m in the case of the Chestplate and Tassets) You can work towards an Slayer Helm, and try to upgrade it to the T70 version by using your slayer points.

For your question about stab/crush/slash weapons I will explain how monster weaknesses work with an example. Steel dragons are weak to Water spells. This means you'll get the best precision when using Magic (Water spells in particular.)

If a monster cannot Crush like Jadinkos, this means melee is the best approach to them and Crush is the best way to do it. Contrarily, Range or Mage will be less effective. (Although at higher levels, your equipment tends to RuneScape 2007 Gold be good enough that it doesn't make a huge distinction.)