Elden Ring Godslayer's Greatsword location to elden ring weapons climb and descend the Divine Tower of Caelid and fighting with the Godskin Apostle.The Godslayer's Greatsword is located beneath the Divine Tower of Caelid, located in the north central region of the map , near The Dragonbarrow West site of grace. You'll need to climb the tower to reach the entrance, then all the way back down after entering and be ready to face the "is that the right place to jump next?" platforming usually reserved for a Destiny raid. I was able to complete this mini-dungeon by the level of 90. I would not recommend tackling it before level 70, or even 60 as a minimum minimal.

From the tree's root system that runs out from the continental to the tower, one can see two ladders, one and a foe next to it. It is best to confront those in range here to prevent falling off. Follow the root up to the outcrop of the tower, the upper of both ladders, and then climb the other one.

Don't climb the second ladder as soon as you have completed the first. Instead, use Torrent to double jump over the gap in the arched path that is to the right. The ladder is at the end of the route instead.

Proceed left from the top of the ladder, and then follow the path that runs across the tower. Make use of Torrent's double jump to get across any gaps, taking care as there are some that are difficult to see coming. There's a spot of Elden Ring Items for sale grace at the end of the trail.