Still, the devs have discussed the issue and , at the moment regardless, it's not something they're planning for Elden Ring Runes introduce.Fair enough. I'm getting there as slow but surely.I would like to know that if FromSoftware introduced a more difficult level of difficulty... would this be acceptable?

Elden's average playtime on Steam is almost two days on Steam

It seems people are really attracted to Elden Ring. That's what the typical playtime statistics show.Not that the outrageous critical review, record-breaking viewers on streaming platforms, and awe-inspiring sales numbers haven't proved Elden Ring's success already. However, the cost-free Chrome extension Steam Augmented reveals some interesting information about Elden Ring on PC.

Elden Ring's average playtime on PC as of March 11, 2022, will be 47 hours 36 minuteswhich is almost two days in elden ring weapons for sale total. These numbers include the total time spent on Steam astonishing when you remember the game's out for barely two weeks. Resident Evil 2, another great game that was released several years ago has a mere average of about 22 hours and the equivalent of 24 hours playtime.Elden Ring plays exceptionally well as an (mostly) single-player RPG which came out two weeks back.