On Friday, July 15 2022 EA revealed the Franchise mode was getting an overhaul that will be massive to be a major feature in Madden 23 coins  Madden 23. The major changes include free player contracts, agency, and the scouting. Below is a complete list of the Franchise Modifications for Madden 23.

Free Agency

In order to provide a more thrilling and enjoyable experience, EA has come up with a more precise method of attracting free agents. In Madden 22. signing players was strictly contingent on which team could offer an individual the highest amount of money. But, in Madden 23. it appears to be other factors in play that affect player motivations as well as beacons.


Motivation tags are the primary factor in determining why a player joins the particular team. For instance, a person looking to win a championship may be more inclined to join an team that is poised to win right now. That would fall under the motivation of "Super Bowl Challenge".

If a player was born in a particular region in the United States, they may be more inclined to sign with the region's NFL team. This means, remain "close to home".These motivational tags are intended to determine where a player is during free agency. Because the decision will be contingent on a lot more than what team will offer the best contract.

Player labels

Additionally, there are tags for players which will affect Free agent logic and trade logic, draft logic, and the progression of players. The labeling of certain players according to their individual achievements, could boost their value on the market while also making them attractive to teams with different rosters.

For instance, since Aaron Rodgers won MVP last season, he's gotten"Award Winner" tag "Award winner" Tag for a player. Wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase received a "Day 1 Starter" tag He was then the Bengals principal player as soon as he stepped onto the field.

Each of the player tags will aid in the development of players and some even give bonuses for team members. As for Buy Madden 23 coins the "Mentor" tag which can increase daily training XP of players who are who are in the same position.