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Even as conflict rages among the Horde and the Alliance, there’s nonetheless an abundance of correct fortune to have a good time all through Pilgrim’s Bounty. Throughout this excursion, you may partake in feasts close to essential cities via way of means of sitting at a bountiful table

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The principal Pilgrim's Bounty festivities take location at bountiful tables which may be observed placed at some stage in many zones in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Various seasonal companies and questgivers surround the essential towns' tables, imparting

unique cooking elements and associated every day quests.

Due to its recognition on meals, this excursion is specially famous for being a short and clean manner to degree up cooking, despite the fact that that has faded in latest years via way of means of opportunity approaches to degree cooking. Learn approximately clean approaches to degree cooking

in Draenor right here.

When: November 19 - 26

Where: All capital towns and maximum Horde and Alliance cities

You can brush up in your cooking abilties and indulge withinside the delectable cuisine observed at the at the communal eating tables placed outdoor capital towns. Sharing is Caring, so ensure to byskip meals to the ones who've joined the feast

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If you opt for a bit wild recreation, then set out on a hunt for wild turkey to earn The Turkinator success - or rework your buddies into tantalizing turkey goals if the fury of untamed turkeys proves too formidable to face.

Don’t overlook to get dressed up to your pilgrim’s excellent and adventure into Auchindoun in Terokkar Forest to go to Talon King Ikiss (to be had to characters degree sixty two and up) and earn the success Terokkar Turkey Time.

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