The best islands on Lost Ark: starter route

We recommend visiting each and every Lost Ark island eventually Buy Lost Ark Gold, but you might prefer to begin with the easiest plus rewarding first. The islands in this list are easy to visit highly rewarding, filled with turtles and pandas or are part of bigger quest lines.

The Lonely Island. We've spoken about him several times before and for the sake of making this list complete make sure to check out Opher when you visit The Lonely Island. It is possible to exchange your Island Souls for awesome turtle skins , and much more. You will also get a free Island Soul by simply talking to Opher.

Golden Wave Island. It's a paradise filled with treasure chests. Go to the island if you're looking for many things (Pirate coins, cards and green engravings) without much effort.

Panda Island. Do not pass by this island if love panda's. There's also an extremely short yellow and purple questline that awards you tons of Silver, Weapon and Armor Crystals, Harmony Shards and Harmony Leap

Turtle Island. The full questline is doesn't just award players with Island Soul and valuable Jewel Coral however, it also grants you an Turtle mount. You can even choose its color.

Serenity Island. In just a few minutes you'll have a good stack of Weapon and Armor Crystals cheap Lost Ark Gold. In addition you'll also get a Skill Potion by completing your Stone of Power quest, which will require a rerun of the Morai Ruins and Tortoyk's Heart dungeons.