On Reddit, person SaltMineForeman published a picture of their lighthouse construct on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The picture they shared had snap shots combined, one of  Nook Miles Tickets the lighthouse visible throughout the day, even as the other showed off the lighthouse surroundings at night time.

The Redditor had even timed the night shot flawlessly with a unprecedented Animal Crossing: New Horizons shooting star seen inside the heritage. Though the Redditor did now not element the precise objects they used to create their lighthouse build, the photograph suggests them the usage of the Storefront item to surround the Lighthouse item to create the shape at the base.

Comments on the Reddit thread confirmed that fellow fans of the lifestyles sim are very interested in recreating SaltMineForeman's lighthouse construct on their very own Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands. The Redditor defined that that they had visible this concept on line before and had determined to  Buy Nook Miles Ticketsubsequently replicate it within their recreation. One commented that they needed that they had a brick skin on their lighthouse, and the Redditor helpfully mentioned that Cyrus, one of the NPCs discovered on Harvey's Island, can genuinely customise the seems of unique gadgets in the game.