Psyonix’s Rocket League cell plans seem to RL Items  be from a pair slides poached from Epic vs Apple courtroom case documents and currently reposted on ResetEra. The slides advise “two new merchandise at the horizon for cell. One changed into regarded. Although it’s referred to as “Rocket League ‘2D’” inside the slide, Rocket League Sideswipe become announced again in March 2021 and features a 2.5D gameplay experience in which players view and function a Rocket League game from a side view, proposing floating vertical desires.

The different appears to be an unannounced task known as Rocket League Next. Rocket League Next isn’t so much a crafted-for-cellular revel in so much as it's miles a new subsequent-generation customer with the intention to hand the operation of Rocket League on all platforms, such as available PC and console alternatives. Rocket League Next will debut in alpha and beta trying out Buy Rocket League Items  on cell, however the aim seems to be to consolidate all middle Rocket League game launching and play into one atmosphere with go-play supported among cellular, console, and PC systems.