This Mimic Tear Ashes is a Legendary Summon found in Elden Ring that conjures the Spirit of Elden Ring Items a Mimic Tear A creature that adopts the form of the summoner. Many Tarnished collectively believe that it to be the Mimic Tear to be the best and most powerful Spirit Ash in the Lands Between. The Summon is basically a replica of the protagonist's appearance, impeded by subtle limitations in Elden Ring. Simply put, every equipment and stats that the user is equipped with will be infused with the Mimic Tear when summoned.

The strength of the Mimic Tear Spirit is fully realized in the final stages of the game during the time that the Tarnished have discovered all the right gear for their builds and have optimized their stat allocation. Likewise, the Legendary Spirit Ash is only available after players are granted access to a specific late-game location: Nokron or the Eternal City. This underground metropolis shares the same map as Siofra River. However the layout and entry points are different.

To enter Nokron, Eternal City, and to retrieve the Mimic Tear Ashes, Elden Ring adventurers must first overcome General Starscourge Radahn, one of the bosses that is the most difficult to beat in the game. It is possible to take on General Starscourge Radahn by going to his castle in the Redmane Castle of southern Caelid in the Elden Ring and taking the Sending Gate to the battlefield across the water. While players who are experienced Tarnished could be able to cheap Elden Ring Runes defeat Radahn after they've mastered his techniques, newer players are strongly advised to be at least Level 65 or higher before facing the blood-sucking General.